DAY 2 PCR Test On-site

This test is not suitable for passengers currently out of the UK.

Unsupervised self-swab collection only​. Please note, you are booking an appointment where you are required to travel to one of our sites to collect your kit and conduct your test yourself in your vehicle or take home. Only book this test if you are able to attend one of our locations based on availability.

Due to the changing rules and regulations, we are now only able to accept bookings up to 2 weeks in advance. If your required date and time are later in the future, please visit our website again closer to the date required to check if there will be any appointments available.

Important Information

You must collect your UK arrivals Day 2 test from our test centre before you depart the UK. Upon collection of the test, you will be given your passenger locator booking reference number to enter back into the UK

When you arrive back to the UK, you will need to perform the test at home within 2 days and then post it to our provider laboratory in the pre paid box provided who will then process the test.

If you wish to obtain your passenger locator booking reference number immediately and for us to send your test to your UK address via next day courier, then book the Day 2 PCR test listed here

The test will need to be collected by the person who is travelling and you will need to bring your passport for confirmation. We will not be able to dispatch tests to anyone other than the traveller.

You cannot book this test if you are currently outside of the UK. You will need to pre-book this test before your departure out of the UK.

All tests booked through this form are NON-REFUNDABLE and cannot be rescheduled as they are in high demand.

I have read and understood the above
I understand I will be required to attend the selected location on Day2 to collect my Day2 test to self swab
I understand and agree the passenger locator form and my travel dates will be checked at port and Border Control
I understand and agree this purchase will not be valid for travel for any passenger who is travelling on a date where the Day2 is not available in the calendar
I understand and agree a refund will not be provided once I make payment and the unique reference number is generated
I understand i will recieve my booking number upon collection