Fit To Fly

Most countries will require a PCR Test & certificate before you travel. Some countries will accept a Rapid (Lateral-Flow) test instead. Please check before booking.

How to Book your Travel Test

  1. Please visit and select the country you are travelling to for the latest travel requirements
  2. Many countries will require a ‘Negative PCR test’ typically 48-96 hrs (2-4 days) before your flight departure time
  3. Please check with your Airline for any additional requirements
  4. Select a test appointment time, ideally at least 48hrs before your flight time. We also offer a Same Day and Next Day Service for priority turnaround and results.
  5. Book an appointment at one of our Clinics or Testing Centres

Here's an example

2pm on Friday – Your Flight Departure time
Book your test between 48hrs – 72hrs before your flight time.

Next Day
PCR Test


Next Day results by 12 Midnight, if you get tested by 5pm the day before.

Includes Certificate

Same Day
PCR Test


Same Day results by 12 Midnight, if you get tested by 4pm the same day.

Includes Certificate

4 Hr
PCR Test


Results in 4 Hours after your test

Only available at our Heathrow T1 and South Kensington sites, if you get tested between 9am –3pm

Includes Certificate